Even the Office Needs to Prepare…

Most ITS team members are still working from home, but we’re planning for the day that we can reunite in the office. And the questions abound.

When will it be safe for everyone to go back? How can we make the shift back as safe as possible? What lockdown-era changes to our work habits will we bring with us?

But most importantly, what will the office appliances think?

The ITS security cameras caught a few of our appliances discussing their plans to prepare for our (eventual) return.

The fridge, the water cooler, the printer—they’ve been on their own for so long. Are they anxious to have us back? Excited to see us milling around, making copies, filling up our water bottles? Or have they enjoyed our time apart?

Check out the video below for a little laugh today:

Special thanks to the ultra-creative directors of this video, ITS team members Maili, Steve, and Elizabeth—and thank you to all of the voice actors who participated!

Internet Testing SystemsEven the Office Needs to Prepare…

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