Mavericks of Test Delivery (and Workplace Creativity)

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Every July, we gather our team for the ITS Kickoff. It’s a chance for us to get everyone on the same page, cover company updates, and commemorate the founding of ITS (2021 makes 24 years!). But it’s also an opportunity to boost morale and generate excitement. And we accomplish that by bringing our characteristic flair for fun to a brand-new ITS video.

In our fast-paced assessment industry, it can be easy for a company to prioritize clients, products, and candidates. But our team members are our backbone, and their satisfaction is vital to the health of our company. Even a humorous video created collaboratively can increase our team’s sense of camaraderie.

Our Kickoff skit is a much-loved ITS tradition that we look forward to every year. A couple of us show off our acting chops while the rest of us get a welcome chuckle out of the antics. In honor of the release of the Top Gun sequel, this year’s skit features some familiar characters, and we had to share it with you.


We strive to make our workplace culture inviting and enjoyable. A key part of that culture includes encouraging team members to foster their creativity in a variety of ways. If you’d like to brainstorm ideas about how to reach and motivate your team members, let us know! We’d love to chat. (We promise you won’t be subjected to a barrage of Top Gun quotes.)

Two men wearing pilot costumes
Brodie (left) and Pat (right) in our Top Dog skit.
Internet Testing SystemsMavericks of Test Delivery (and Workplace Creativity)

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