Introducing Our New Video Series, Tails of Testing!

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Something new is coming to our blog! Our ITS team members Brodie Wise, Executive Vice President of Business Development and Marketing, and Amanda Rutter, Marketing Manager, talk about Tails of Testing, a new video series we’re launching. We’ll be chatting with experts from ITS and across the assessment industry to share knowledge, stories, and advice. Look out for our first episode in February!

Video Transcript

[Onscreen: A split-screen of Brodie and Amanda chatting virtually.]

Brodie Wise
Hi everyone, thanks for joining today. This is Brodie Wise, the Vice President of Client Services* here at ITS in good old Baltimore, Maryland. Well, I’m actually at home, so not exactly Baltimore. But I’m excited to introduce you to our marketing manager, Amanda Rutter, and Amanda has a lot of great things to share with you today. Amanda, can you introduce yourself and share a little bit of your background?

Amanda Rutter
Yeah, absolutely. Welcome, everyone! My name is Amanda Rutter. I am the Marketing Manager at ITS. I’ve been at ITS for two years but eight years in the assessment industry, and my passion has always been set around the voice of the customer. As a marketer, I focus on strategic development, digital analytics, and audience research. Those are things that get me excited, and I do that in order to grow and engage with our audiences in a meaningful way.

Wow, I love that. I personally know how important it is to really understand the customer and relate to them and make sure that what you’re working on matches up to what they need, in their desires and their motivations. So, with that, we’re introducing a new series, and can you tell us a little bit about that?

Oh, definitely, I’m very excited about it. As background, though, first: this July, ITS is celebrating 25 years in business. So, over the past 25 years, we’ve accumulated experts in our field. They know and understand assessment, and just as important, they understand the technology that’s necessary to successfully deliver an assessment program. So, in this series, it’s a video series that will showcase topics and experts on a multitude of different subjects, both assessment- and leadership-related. This series is appropriately titled “Tails of Testing.”

I love it. I mean, just my passion about dogs. Tails of Testing. You know I love dogs. But I’m pretty excited about that.

Yeah, definitely dogs, and you can be certain our mascot Charlie will make an appearance or two. Also, incorporated in the title is a little nudge to our guests to share insights into their personal stories in the assessment world. We’re excited for this to start this quarter.

Excellent, excellent. There’s nothing better than man’s best friend because he is my way that I can just stay calm and relax a little when I get to pet my puppy. So I’m excited about it. Thanks for sharing.

Yeah, definitely, and thanks for letting me speak about our new series. In spirit of it, would you mind sharing some insights that you have for the audience?

Yeah, that’s great. I think there are so many things that we’ll be able to share through the series and so on. And just one thing that comes to mind for myself is just, coming into this new year, as we come up with new goals and new agenda items and things that we want to focus on, let’s keep challenging ourselves. Let’s get out of our comfort zone. So, as we dealt with the pandemic and we shifted how we work in this world and we had to do things different, don’t let that stop. Change how we’re working from home—like how we’re doing this video series to help share more information—and use that to help the people around you, help your customers help the internal team members, whoever it is.

Like one of the stories that I love to share is one of our internal team members wanted to do some video editing and took a bunch of classes and learned a bunch of things and started doing animation, and it wasn’t part of their job. Get them out of their comfort zone. Keep challenging ourselves. And as we go into this next year, that challenge can turn into something great for yourself and your company.

Definitely. And building a community is very important, so let’s keep up that spirit. Thank you so much, Brodie.

Great, thank you, Amanda. Looking forward to the next one.

Absolutely, bye-bye.


*After this episode was recorded, Brodie’s title changed from VP of Client Services to EVP of Business Development and Marketing.

Internet Testing SystemsIntroducing Our New Video Series, Tails of Testing!

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