What Does ITS Do?

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Welcome, New Faces!

We hear it often at conferences and in virtual meetings: “You are the dog people.” Why, yes, we are! Our Baltimore office is dog friendly. But did you also know that last year our talented team delivered over 25 million exams for clients? In this post, we’ll cover some basic questions we receive about ITS. Here we go!

What Does ITS Do?

ITS was brought to life in 1997 with the vision that testing can happen online. We still live by that vision and now reach millions of candidates around the world through an internet connection.

In those 26 years, we’ve matured as a company and strengthened our craft in exam technology and consultation. We create our solutions with the candidate top of mind, which enables our clients to implement a configurable solution that works best for them. Curious about why ITS was started? We made a video for that! Watch our President and CEO tell his story here.

What Business Problems Are We Solving?

Not to brag but solving complex testing problems is our thing. Our clients’ top five areas of interest are:

  • Delivering exams online
  • Exam security (especially using our secure browser)
  • Visual personalization and branding of their exams
  • Accessibility and inclusive exam design
  • A flexible exam driver

We’ve built our systems with these areas in mind. The ITS ecosystem all ties back to our item bank, Item Workshop, which is a hub for each delivered exam. Our flexible exam driver can deliver an exam just about anywhere, online or off: at home, schools and institutions, traditional test centers, and hospital training centers. Most models support different devices like desktops, mobile devices, and tablets.

See an Example of ITS at Work

Don’t just take our word for it! On average, our clients have been with ITS for nine years. Below are samples of work we collaborated with our partners on.

We’re happy you’re here. If you have questions for our team or think we could collaborate on an interesting project, send us a note at info@testsys.com.

Note: this blog post was edited on August 29, 2023 to update the stats listed in this post such as years in business and exam delivery numbers.

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About the Author

Amanda Rutter is the Marketing Manager at ITS and has eight years of experience in the assessment industry. Amanda reinforces the concept that marketing is the sales quarterback, focusing on strategic approaches to drive market growth and bottom-line profitability. Outside of work, you can find her snuggling her dogs or soaking up the sun at a local brewery.

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Internet Testing SystemsWhat Does ITS Do?

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