Learn with ITS at the Innovations in Testing Conference!

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Welcome, ATP 2023!

Howdy, partner! We’re saddling up for the Innovations in Testing Conference in Dallas, Texas, and we want to meet you there. Throughout the conference, we’ll be sharing our latest experiences with oral exams, recertification, and much more!

Day 1 – Monday, March 13, 2023

Observational (Oral) Assessment Solution Demonstration
This Innovations Demo will walk you through the ITS Observational Assessment Solution. If your exam involves interviews or direct observation, this demo is for you.
🗣️Presented by: Heather Rybacki, ITS
🕒12:05 PM CT
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What Does the Future Hold for Continuous Certification Programs?
In this Peas in a Pod, you’ll brainstorm which features, development, and user experience should be the focus of the next generation of continuous certification.
🗣️Presented by: Elizabeth Pitta, ITS; Ryan Howard, ITS
🕒1:10 PM CT
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Revolutionizing Certification and Licensure: Adapting Product Strategy to Meet Changing Needs
Our Sponsor Session will explore how the industry has evolved and changed in recent years and how a product strategy can support these changes.
🗣️Presented by: Pat Ward, ITS; Ryan Howard, ITS; Brodie Wise, ITS; Heather Rybacki, ITS
🕒3:20 PM CT
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Engaging Authenticity: Incorporating Relevant Assessment Technologies
This Presentation will explore how the assessment community can work together to better support the inclusion of innovative technologies, such as labs, simulations, live in app, and longitudinal models, in assessment.
🗣️Presented by: Sandy Hogg, ITS; Jennifer McNamara, Breakaway Games
🕒4:25 PM CT
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Day 2 – Tuesday, March 14, 2023

The Innovations Fast-Pitch
This Innovations Fast-Pitch offers attendees a chance to witness revolutionary technologies that are potential “game-changers” for the industry. Our owner, Pat Ward, will present our technology to the judges for a chance to win the Innovations Fast-Pitch award.
🗣️Presented by: Pat Ward, ITS
🕒8:30 AM CT
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Exams Can Be “Delightful”: Reconsidering Accessibility with a Customer Focus
This Featured Session and Workshop will begin with a discussion of Microsoft’s journey to creating a delightful exam experience in partnership with ITS and Pearson VUE. This Workshop will include a hands-on aspect, as groups will be assigned an accessibility challenge and asked to brainstorm possible solutions that programs can implement to address them.
🗣️Presented by: Pat Hughes, ITS; Liberty Munson, Microsoft; Don Tanedo, Microsoft; Joan Lambert, VUE
🕒9:55 AM CT
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Dual Coaching an All-Star Team or the International Space Station of Assessment? The Vendor-Client Relationship
This Panel discussion will explore the challenges and lessons learned from managing relationships between vendors and clients.
🗣️Presented by: Brodie Wise, ITS; Sarah Torok, National Board of Medical Examiners (NBME); Andrew Jones, American Board of Surgery; Melissa Billings, NBME; Barry Porter, Surpass
🕒11:35 AM CT
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Technical Opportunities and Challenges in Continuous Learning and Assessment
This Presentation will review how continuous learning and assessment creates new opportunities and options for recertification and discuss how those options may apply to other industry outside of medical in the near future.
🗣️Presented by: Pat Ward, ITS; Ryan Howard, ITS; Kyle Miller, ITS
🕒4:20 PM CT
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Marketing Tools for Certification Programs. Small Efforts, Big Impacts.
This Peas in a Pod will encourage the audience to share challenges that arise in small certification programs. As a group, we will map the problems to stress-free marketing solutions.
🗣️Presented by: Amanda Rutter, ITS; Nik Sorocenski, Lineup
🕒4:20 PM CT
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Day 3 – Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Reflections on Remote Observational Assessment: Best Practices and Lessons Learned
This Peas in a Pod will provide an opportunity for organizations that deliver observational, oral, or interview-style assessments to share and learn from each other’s experiences.
🗣️Presented by: Heather Rybacki, ITS
🕒8:30 AM CT
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Need a Refresh? When, Why, and How to Update Normative Samples
This Presentation will discuss the critical lens you should apply within your organization to examine why, when, and how normative samples should be updated.
🗣️Presented by: Jeffrey Spranza, ITS; Samantha Snetsinger, Multi-Health Systems Inc.; Joanna Soloman, Multi-Health Systems Inc.
🕒8:30 AM CT
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Safe Travels!

We hope to see you at one of our many sessions during the Innovations in Testing Conference! To schedule a time to chat while there, send us a note at info@testsys.com, or stop by Booth 109.

Internet Testing SystemsLearn with ITS at the Innovations in Testing Conference!

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