6 Tips for Attending a Virtual Conference

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The assessment industry’s biggest event, the ATP Innovations in Testing conference, is just around the corner, from April 27 to April 29. The ITS team is getting ready to attend, so we asked team members to share tips that helped them get the most from last year’s virtual conference. From prepping your calendar to minimizing distractions, here are their top recommendations.

1. Plan ahead.

“Look at the [conference] schedule as soon as they send it out and mark off on your calendar which seminars/workshops you want to attend. This way you can block off time and not have other meetings scheduled on top of it.” – Goldie, Product Management

2. Block your calendar and set your Out of Office message.

“Block the time on your calendar and treat it as if you are out of the office attending an in-person conference! It’s very easy to get distracted when virtual, but you will get the most out of it if you commit to ‘attending’ and make that your focus.” – Heather, Product Management

3. Schedule time to manage email.

“You’re going to be busy throughout the conference. Schedule and book time to check email so you don’t feel distracted.” – Brodie, Client Services

4. Don’t stress about missing a session.

“I liked not having to choose between two sessions scheduled at the same time. I knew I could attend one and watch the recording for the other one afterwards.” – Jeffrey, Product Management

5. Step out of your comfort zone.

Get as much as you can from the conference. It is a great networking opportunity, and a great chance to learn more about our industry as a whole.” – Kevin, Account Management

6. Have a great time!

Virtual conferences have lots of logistical advantages for attendees. There’s no fretting over flights and hotels, and moving from one session to another takes just a few clicks. You can attend from the comfort of your desk chair, learn a ton, and have fun.

Internet Testing Systems6 Tips for Attending a Virtual Conference

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