5 Reasons to Come Back to the Office: Dog Edition

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It’s official (is it?)—these months of emailing from our couches in sweatpants are coming to an end. We can see the finish line. For some of us, that means going back to real pants. Like trousers. Or jeans, at the very least. Either way, we’re going back into the office.

We—the humans at ITS—are ready for that change of scenery. Our four-legged team members, however, might need extra encouragement. Maybe your dog has embraced their introverted side. Maybe they fear the faux paw of forgetting a rule of dog etiquette. Or maybe they aren’t ready to replace eight-hour naps on your bed with eight hours in a bustling Human Workplace.

We hope this list gets their tails wagging and reminds them why they once loved accompanying you to the office.

1. More puparazzi

It’s just a mathematical fact: more people = more attention. Sure, your dog relished the time for quiet introspection and self-analysis at home, but what’s better than that? Being at an office where everyone stops by to pet them and tell them how cute they are, that’s what.

2. Better snack variety

More people also mean more treats. Is your dog tired of milk bones? We guarantee one of their office mates will have a bacon-flavored option to share.

Person standing with dog on a leash

3. Endless entertainment

Let’s face it—while the naps have been great, your dog has probably forgotten what it feels like to not be bored. This state of perpetual ennui simply can’t be lifted while they’re at home.

The office provides near-infinite possibilities for entertainment. There’s the smell of steaming plates of microwaved meals and the sight of crumbs from those meals dropping to the ground (only to be swiftly and helpfully cleaned up). There are the sounds of dozens of humans walking to meetings and dozens of keyboards clacking. And who wants to nap when they can watch their cube neighbor go to the kitchen for their fifth cup of coffee?

4. More (likeable) colleagues

At home, our dogs have to contend with the most unpredictable teammates: children, cats, parakeets, goldfish—too many to count. Your dog is likely ready (read: desperate) to escape the toddlers and felines and to reunite with their canine companions at the office. They have so many stories to exchange about the last year—the socks they chewed, the new puppy siblings that ambushed their homes, the squirrels they befriended and/or terrified. A catch-up is overdue.

Dogs and people outside

5. Puppy Playtime

Speaking of reuniting with their favorite coworkers, all ITS dogs know that the best part of the workday is Puppy Playtime. That’s the lunchtime rush of dogs to the yard outside the office building, where they can chase each other to their hearts’ content. Nothing beats a freshly washed coat covered in mud right before a 1:00 p.m. meeting. Not even a nap at home on the couch.

Dog splashing water in plastic pool

P.S. Summer is heating up in Baltimore! Should we get the pool re-installed?

Internet Testing Systems5 Reasons to Come Back to the Office: Dog Edition

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