Pawsitively Unleashed: A Look Inside the 2023 ITS Employee Kickoff

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For the past three years, we’ve been stuck inside for our annual Employee Kickoff, as it was held virtually. This year, we finally got to go back to the park. In July, we held our beloved in-person event at our favorite venue, The Vollmer Center at Clyburn Arboretum, a 200-acre stretch of trees and trails right in the middle of Baltimore City. It was a beautiful day filled with fun and all the traditional markings of an ITS celebration.

We kicked off our event with a fun new video. Click below to see our latest “product,” WatchDog, rolling out to employees soon!  

WatchDog by ITS

We celebrated 26 years. This event marked 26 years in business for Internet Testing Systems. We took a moment to reflect on our achievements, growth, and challenges. We also celebrated our incredible team, without whom this milestone wouldn’t be possible. As our president, Pat Ward, said, “We really have the best people here at ITS!” 

We shared our company strategy for the next year. Our annual kickoff is more than a celebration—it’s an opportunity to equip our team with the knowledge and inspiration needed for the year ahead. The presentations we share play a critical role in driving our collective success.  

We decorated with dogs! This year’s table centerpieces were a collection of stuffed dogs, each wearing an ITS-branded bandana. These canine companions not only added a playful touch to the event but also served as keepsakes to take home. (Hint: first dibs go to folks who help clean up after the event.) 

We revealed our latest T-shirt. We love T-shirts almost as much as we love dogs. At this event, we unveiled our “Loyal Partners” shirt. ITS team members wore their pride on their sleeves, quite literally!  

As we begin the year ahead, we extend our heartfelt thanks to our team members and clients, who make every step of this journey meaningful and rewarding. Here’s to another year of achievements, growth, and laughter at ITS! 

Want to join our Employee Kickoff next year? Check out our open positions here: 

About the Author

Maili joined the ITS team in 2010. She is our Employee Event Planner, Creative Lead, and People Person. Maili holds a BA in Visual and Performing Arts from UMBC and maintains the SHRM Certified Professional certification. (We aren’t sure how she does it, but she somehow uses both of those accreditations in her role at ITS!) When she isn’t designing one of our famous ITS T-shirts, you can find her helping our team with their benefits. Outside of ITS, she is a professional photographer and a mom to one tiny human and two tiny cats. Maili loves coffee, CrossFit, and meeting new people. 

Internet Testing SystemsPawsitively Unleashed: A Look Inside the 2023 ITS Employee Kickoff

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