Expert-Led Learning: Preview the I.C.E. EXG Sessions You’ll Love

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Are you ready?

We’re gearing up for I.C.E. EXG 2023 in picturesque Colorado Springs, CO, and we can’t wait to see you there! Get ready because we’ve got some exciting sessions lined up that will delve into the world of online testing, technology advancements, and a whole lot more. Curious to know what’s in store? Keep reading, and let’s explore these sessions together!

Day 1 – Wednesday, October 25, 2023

Boosting Certification Programs with Effective Marketing Strategies: Maximizing Results with Minimal Effort.
This concurrent session explores effective digital marketing strategies and tools for certification programs, including generative AI and communication tactics, to attract candidates and boost program success.
🗣️Presented by: Amanda Rutter, ITS; Mike Adams, American Board of Pediatrics
🕒10:15 AM MT
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Humanizing the Exam Experience: Microsoft’s Quest to Make Exams Delightful.
This concurrent session explores ways that Microsoft, ITS, and Pearson VUE are improving the candidate experience with innovations to reduce exam anxiety and increase fairness including unscheduled breaks in online proctoring, increased access to accommodations via policy changes, access to online-based documentation during a secure exam, and UI enhancements to increase usability.
🗣️Presented by: Pat Hughes, ITS; Liberty Munson, Microsoft; Bridget Herd, Pearson VUE
🕒1:15 PM MT
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The Art of AI Prompting: Technical, Reasonable, and Test Development Considerations.
This concurrent session provides a practical overview of generative AI for those just beginning their journey and covers foundational AI concepts, prompting frameworks for optimal results and considerations for ethical test development.
🗣️Presented by: Chris Glacken, ITS; Amanda Rutter, ITS; Tara Myers, PhD, American Nurses Credentialing Center
🕒4:15 PM MT
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Day 2- Thursday, October 26, 2023

Blessing or Curse? The impact of AI on certification, assessment, and localization.
This concurrent session delves into utilizing AI models to gain insights into the intricacies of AI-driven content creation, biases, human intervention, and localization considerations.
🗣️Presented by: Brodie Wise, ITS; Sue Orchard, Comms Multilingual Ltd; Manfred Straehle, Assessment, Education, and Research Experts
🕒9:00 AM MT
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The ChatGPT Adventure: Tackling Tech Integration, Human Needs, and Legal Considerations.
This concurrent session delves into the practical, multi-disciplinary aspects of implementing generative AI in assessment, like using the technology effectively, maintaining fairness for candidates, and addressing legal risks.
🗣️Presented by: Pat Ward, ITS; Marc Weinstein, Caveon; Bridget Herd, Pearson VUE
🕒10:30 AM MT
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Assessments 101: It’s more than delivering a test!
This concurrent session is designed for those new to credentialing or launching a new program, providing essential insights into aligning programs with market needs, fundamentals of exam administration, the importance of exam security, and key aspects of program development and maintenance.
🗣️Presented by: Brodie Wise, ITS; Johnna Gueorguieva, Dental Assisting National Board; Rachel Schoenig, Cornerstone Strategies; Bill West Cornerstone Strategies
🕒10:30 AM MT
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Engaging Authenticity: Incorporating Relevant Assessment Technologies.
This concurrent session explores innovative approaches to assessment that enhance candidate engagement, including performance-based testing, longitudinal assessment, and gamification.
🗣️Presented by: Sandy Hogg, ITS; Jennifer McNamara, BreakAway Games
🕒2:30 PM MT
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See you soon!

We can’t wait to dive into these and so many more exciting sessions with you at I.C.E. EXG 2023! To continue the conversation, schedule a chat by emailing or swing by booth 214 during the conference. Let’s make this conference an unforgettable experience together! 

PS: We are participating in an awesome raffle at the conference with our friends from Lineup, Alpine, cApStAn, and more. Collect stickers from all partners to win $1,000, $500, or another $500! Don’t miss the drawing at the Lineup booth on Thursday, October 26 at 2:10 PM MT. See you there!

Internet Testing SystemsExpert-Led Learning: Preview the I.C.E. EXG Sessions You’ll Love

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